Travels with Charlize

Author: David Gross
Imprint: BPN
Pages: 192
Size: 6×9
Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-940598-54-3
Genre: Memoir

After the death of his wife of almost fifty-three years, David Gross adopts Charlize, a German shepherd rescue dog, buys a camping trailer, and the two set off for adventure and healing. They explore the West, visit family, and find new friends. Accidents and serendipities, sadness and joy, problems and peace populate their journey of discovery.  

Patient and especially sensitive, Charlize remains close to David and comforts him when needed most. Ever the friendly dog, at every stop, she greets strangers with a loving heart and wagging tail, showing the way to embrace life.

David Gross tells a gentle and revealing story of recovery. He knows he must go forward after his wife’s death and face a new future, but that road carries rough spots. Memories spring up to hold him back. Revisiting friends reminds him of those who no longer accompany him. And home, to which he must return, still stores a profusion of painful memories. But Charlize’s presence keeps Gross steady and willing to see a brighter tomorrow around the bend. In the end, that light shines strong for both.


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