Writing a book, editing a book, getting a book published, and being able to survive that journey with a smile still on one's face is no easy accomplishment. Working with Melissa Coffman and Scott Book left me happy after an almost two-year journey. They are both consummate professionals with different skills, but all necessary to see a book to its completion. Though I love words my praise for their talents may seem somewhat hackneyed, but they are true. Melissa and Scott are experts in their field, patient with nervous writers, always available to talk and answer any and all questions their clients might have. In short, they get the job done and done with the highest standards. In fact, Book House is getting ready to publish my second book. I would never work with anyone else! If you've written a book or you're considering writing one, I urge you to contact Melissa Coffman. It will be one of the most rewarding calls you will ever make.


Author of "Fearless—Diary of a Badass Reporter" and "Paintings & Prose—In a Time of the Pandemic"

I have wanted to write my stories for many years and didn’t know the first thing about getting one published. One fateful day, I walked into a small bar in Edmonds, Washington. I sat down on a stool next to a guy with dark hair. He was typing on a small laptop. I ordered something to drink and asked the guy what he was working on. He said, “One of my books.” His name was Sean Salazar and is the author of the Babylon Prophecy Series. We have been friends ever since. When I got to the point of being able to finish my books, Sean told me to contact Melissa Coffman of Book House Publishing. He said, “Melissa will take care of everything.” And to my immense pleasure, she has. My work with her, Scott Book for cover designs and Julie Scandora as my editor has produced two of my books and will soon be a third. I couldn’t be happier with there professionalism. If you’re a new author or an experienced one, contact Melissa, she will take care of everything.


Author of "Red Sword," "Thorn," and soon to be released, "Checkmate"