To Be or not Be Kind

Author: Jacquie Ream
Imprint: Book House Publishing
Pages: 42
Size: 8.5×11
Paperback: $17.95
ISBN: 9781952483738

Genre: Children’s

Moe Moose prefers to be by himself with a book. While he sits beneath a tree reading, he images Sophie Owl, Herbert Hippo, Rappa-a-Bear-in-the-Wood, and all his schoolmates gathered in the glen having a good time. But being alone is better than being bullied by Bad Max Badger, Bingo Billy and his gang, and the mean bunnies.

But the day comes when Moe has to make choices: does he walk away or fight back? Would Sophie and his friends lose respect for him? Would Mother Moose be mad at him? 

Moe finds out just how strong he is, who his friends are and kindness comes in many forms


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