The Cub’s Beat

Author: Linda Hirsh
Imprint: Book House Publishing
Pages: 232
Size: 6×9
Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 9781952483653

eBook: $7.99
Genre: Memoir

Linda Hirsh was an artist but the two-bit gigs teaching her trade at area colleges wouldn’t be enough to help send her four smart children through the universities of their choice. After an unsuccessful run as a secretary, she stepped into a job—at age 47—as a cub reporter for Connecticut’s largest newspaper. She had no qualifications other than her driven curiosity. It made her, in her estimation, the world’s oldest cub. 

This is an account of the downs and ups and downs of her decade as a journalist in a corporate setting. It is also about a quartet of bosses she encountered as well as the warm blanket of support she found there. 

In the end she answers her own question: Am I qualified as an artist and as a person at least twenty years older than my peers to be a reporter? 


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