Fallen Rose

Author: Elizabeth Anne McKinney
Imprint: BPN
Pages: 512
Size: 6×9
Paperback: $21.95
ISBN: 978-1-940598-53-6

Ravenous for world power, Zoser directs his armies to attack Yaracina, and one by one, its elven cities succumb to the humans’ superior weaponry. Miraculously, Elysia escapes Zoser’s assassin and flees to the mountains.

Still, at home in Aseamir, Elysia’s sister Lillian nurtures a wounded youth, who becomes conscious of a strange and dangerous power within. When Zoser’s human forces lay siege to the city, the two slip out with his abilities still hidden … and carrying another equally potent secret.

Uncertainty, danger, mystery, and ever-varying loyalties keep suspicions aroused in this gripping second book in the Sons and Daughters series. And with no outcome guaranteed—the elves’ exceptional strength counter the humans’ advanced arms—all see the reason to protect their own and fight for freedom. The rose has fallen, but it has not wilted … not yet … 


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