Could It Be?

Author: Liesel Soley
Imprint: Book House Publishing
Pages: 42
Size: 6×9
Hardback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-952483-01-1
eBook: $9.99
Genre: Inspirational/Spiritual

“I would characterize this story as a ‘Loving Parable For a New Age.’ It touches on uncommon, yet not unfamiliar, ideas about birth, death and spirituality, set in a gentle, loving story. As the main character ponders these ideas, so do we, the readers. You will enjoy the story and wonder at the ideas.”
—D.E. Lamont, Author and Photographic Artist

Could It Be? is a very aesthetically written tale with a clear spiritual statement about dying, death and rebirth. Unfortunately, many people do not have an understanding of the importance and value of the concepts presented in this story. My wife and I both love this tale and the way it is so beautifully expressed.”

“A must read! Thought-provoking and opens up a wonderful world of possibilities! Loved the story and it still has me thinking of who I would choose, if given the opportunity.”
—Jackie Altieri

“I have read Could It Be? several times and still enjoy and love the story. Each time I have been instantly drawn in and stayed that way throughout. I even had some moments of tears in the eyes. It is a brilliantly written story. You are such a good storyteller and superb writer! To live again, why not. I recently met an old friend now in a young body and am enjoying watching this familiar spirit growing up!”


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